Saachi Kepa: April 2017 joint full-time Student of the Month

SRA Full-time Student of the Month - April 2017: Saachi Kepa

This highly creative emerging artist entered our doors with a passion for art and a dream to be a professional makeup artist. The work that Saachi has produced in class and in her self-directed studies has been wildly imaginative & technically sound. Pushing her boundaries and leaving her comfort zone with almost all that she does, Saachi is quickly developing an aesthetic that is like no other.

Saachi won the affections of the entire SRA Pro Creative Team & our Marketing leader when she was thrust into the high-pressure backstage environment of a fashion show. This laid-back girl with the least amount of experience created some of the best work of the day.

We are genuine fans of your artistry Saachi. Continue to grow & shine!