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SRA over Criminology? Heck yes!

By 20 December 2019SRA BLOG

Hey! It’s me, Lupe, but some of you may know me as loops.

Recent graduate from Samala Robinson Academy. I also have a background in criminology (kinda cool huh) anyways, but that’s a memoir for another blog. But for now here’s a small snippet into my experience at SRA…

Was not what I expected at all!

Yeap! You read that right, after studying an extra five years, I decided that it would be cool to do something different. Makeup! At first, I thought I was a bit crazy putting myself through more studies. I was expecting, more books, more writing, more teachers telling me what I had to do, you know all the boring stuff. But man, was I wrong! First week in, I thought to myself “oh no, a whole week of awkward introductions, paperwork and more paperwork” but to my surprise, we dove right into playing around with makeup and doing crazy, awesome work, no awkward conversations, and instantly meeting such an amazing group of people who were all there because of their love for makeup.

Each week we did something different to the last. There were no days that were the same. None of this same day same story business. Each day we got to challenge ourselves a little bit more. The photoshoots we did were my highlight of the course. We had to think about every aspect of the look from head to toe. It’s new, it’s fresh and really fun. 

Greatest experience 

It didn’t feel like studying, because of how much I genuinely wanted to be there and because it made me realise that I was doing something that I actually love to do. I was given the opportunity to do something where; yes there were expectations but expectations such as thinking outside of the square and really bringing out our best potential. That is one of the many things I love about SRA. We got to really push ourselves and show our creativity. SRA teaches you that no matter what you do and how you get there, it is how you utilise those set of skills to create the life that you want to live. This was so exhilarating to me. 

 Slicker than your average

I got to work on a few different work experiences where we met such amazing people. SRA not only teaches you makeup skills but people skills too! In a world where we are slowly disconnecting with reality, the beauty industry is all about connections, socialising and genuinely creating an environment that people can feel like themselves. When I tell you that SRA goes above and beyond it wouldn’t be enough to just say it…you are going to have to experience it for yourself. I promise the staff at SRA are welcoming, come in! 

What have you got to lose? The benefits of being at SRA is more that you could ask for and even more

Well, that is it from me…for now. Join me in my next blog to read more about what SRA has lined up for 2020 and all the cool things I will be doing too.

But! Till next time, get your makeup brushes, get set and get creative.


Loops xo