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Ball Makeup

By 20 April 2020SRA BLOG

B-b-b-all week!!!. We have halo eyes, cut creases, winged liner, bold lips, hairstyling, nails, the whole package! This was a pretty exciting week. We not only got to work on doing some pretty fabulous looks we got to learn and practice how to do hair too.


For myself I am very basic when it comes to doing hair. I can do the basics such as straightening and curling hair. Other than that, I haven’t really dabbled in other hairstyles. However, as a class we all pushed ourselves to do things and try out looks that we hadn’t done before. This was fun! We all had the chance to rotate and practice on one another. We all have different skin textures, tones, different eye shapes, different textured hair and thickness etc. So, it was a rewarding challenge for us.


We all ran into a few obstacles that week. For myself, hair was super challenging. I wasn’t that confident doing an updo, but I kept practicing until I was able to. As a class we all had the pressures of time restrictions too. After ball week was done it’s safe to say we all learnt so much and were able to carry through into the next coming weeks with more knowledge and more confidence in what we were capable of doing. – Lupe Feki