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Becoming a Makeup Artist

By 12 June 2019SRA BLOG
Professional Makeup Courses

Becoming a make-up artist has so many meanings and versions in this day and age, and it’s hard to sometimes to see which side of things you want to jump into. There is Instagram, Vlogging, Bridal, Beauty, Retail, Fashion, TV, Film, Stage and many more in-between. Along with this age we have Social Media which enables makeup artists to easily connect and work with other Make-up artists, Photographers, Models, Designers and many more creatives for collaborations.

There are a few differences between doing makeup on yourself and doing it for clients, TV and Film. it’s important for a makeup artist to not get caught up in the world of Instagram makeup if you want to be a well-rounded Artist with skills from all realms of the industry. Being a makeup artist means you must be able to adapt to each individual client’s needs and features as well as being able to create looks from a Designer/Director/Producers imagination or brief, or purely from your own creativity and talents. It will still need to mesh with what they are looking for and work cohesively within the realms of the production. You must also keep a constant eye throughout the process of filming for touch ups and scene changes. Some of these can be 16-hour days up early to apply the SFX and stay late to remove it on set.

In retail you must be ready to give up your idea of 9-5 and weekends off. If in an airport you must be prepared to set alarms for 3am to be in work for 5am for up to 10 hour shifts and the counter paperwork is a must (You also get Brand Training which is always fun). This is a reality but if you have a burning passion required then it won’t phase you in the slightest because you will be doing what you LOVE every day.

You also have the option of Freelance work based on your own schedule which in itself has paperwork and organisation to be done but is more freeing for your work life balance.

You may have a film or fashion show with a certain genre or era in place but with twists on its futuristic style like a modern feel on Egyptian like the newest Mummy Movie or Georgian historical but with futuristic traits like a dystopian film such as Hunger Games. These looks are based in past Historical makeup trends but brought back to life in a new way from the creativity of the Artists.

The best way to make your mark in the industry as a successful makeup artist is by becoming qualified as a professional makeup artist with a high standard. Having the professional training will give you all you need to refine your current skills to enable you to be confident in yourself and your abilities in the industry. This will allow your creativity to be more focused and in turn create beautifully executed art every day.

Available SRA Makeup Courses

Here at SRA, our Level 4 Certificate is the best way to kick-start your dream career today. You will be sure to expand on all the fundamentals from level 3 and refine the expert techniques you need to succeed in the industry through this. It’s important to remember that as a Makeup Artist you never stop learning.

Contact us to find out more or apply on our website today. SRA is fully registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and this course is approved by NZQA.