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Bridal Week

By 20 May 2020SRA BLOG


I can’t explain how much fun I had during bridal week. Each day we practiced different bridal looks, different hairstyles and planned our final look to assess from head to toe. We had the choice of doing Classical Bridal, Editorial Bridal or Eastern Bridal makeup. As a class we all chose different looks. My favourite look was Mironetta’s Eastern Bridal look. She took time and put a lot of effort into her look and it turned out to be such a beautiful look. Kate’s bride looked stunning and Kate did an amazing job. Both Jypsie and Piper did amazing jobs executing their looks too.


We also got to work with a photographer for the first time too, which was super fun and such a great experience to work with a professional photographer. It was an experience in itself. Jim Huang did an amazing job capturing our work.


My favourite part about this week was the planning that went into our looks. From the makeup to hair, accessories and clothing. My look was a Tongan bridal look, where I dressed my model up in Traditional Tongan attire and had the opportunity to showcase my culture in my work. Each look involved hair and makeup, plus doing mini manicures and hand makeup. This week tested our organisational skills and our time management.-  Lupe Feki.