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Client Elegant

By 20 March 2020SRA BLOG

Winged eyeliner and a bold red lip. Sounds simple huh. Well with great practice, yes. Let me tell you this, it was our fourth week in. I was feeling pretty confident about the course at this point. I must say though this week was very challenging for myself and for my classmates also. This look consists of perfectly winged eyeliner to suit the models eye shape, eye shadow to contour the eye with some depth in the outer corner and crease, topped off with a bold red, symmetrical lip.

Oh! Speed tests

I had a love/hate relationship with speed tests. We were given 5 minutes to complete a perfect red lip and a winged eyeliner on three different models. This really tested our patience, timing and accuracy. It was however very helpful! We were able to focus more during our assessment times and even now while out in the industry doing makeup.

Back to client elegant. This look is perfect as a classical look for a ball, or even for special occasions. And if you are like me and just want to be extra you can definitely rock this look on a day to day basis if you please- Lupe Feki.