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Fashion Location Shoot

By 20 August 2020SRA BLOG

Another week and another creative process to go through. This look was one look I thoroughly enjoyed doing. We got to let loose and get creative. We had tag paint in some models’ hair; glitter going everywhere and a whole lot of gel and hairspray. Each look that was created this week was well thought out, and well executed.


Hair and outfit changes were done here at the academy. We made our way to the winter gardens, we got to set up our stations and jump straight into it. It was cool working outside of the academy and gave us a good idea of what its like working outdoors on shoots. We had people coming up to us and watching while we did our thing. We even had people taking pictures of our work; followed up with comments such as “wow this is so unique”, “This isn’t something you see everyday!”


The photo shoot we had with the professional photographer was, yet again, a great experience. It was awesome when the photographer asked us what we had envisioned and what kind of concept we were going for. He then directed our models to pose and the photos that were produced from the shoot were amazing! Such a great addition for our portfolio!- Lupe Feki