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Fashion Show- Work Experience

By 20 June 2020SRA BLOG

The Whitecliffe Fashion Show! By far the best work experience ever!!! I had so much fun. However it was also the most intense work experience I’ve had to date. We had almost 40 models, a mix between girls and boys. Each look was slightly different for each model. It was a large group of different demographics, cultures and backgrounds.


I enjoyed my experience due to the great environment, the vibes of the people that were working on set, and the team of makeup artists that went to the fashion show. We were well taken care of at the fashion show.


This experience was one of a kind; we got the chance to do some networking with the models and even with the stylists too. We made connections with so many people. They were all so welcoming and super friendly. I would definitely work alongside the Whitecliffe Fashion Show if given the chance again.- Lupe Feki