Mar'Quel Mapusua: September 2017 full-time Student of the Month

SRA Full-time Student of the Month - September 2017: Mar'Quel Mapusua

Mar’Quel came to us as a shy but delightful student with a beauty therapy background but limited makeup knowledge.  During his time at SRA thus far, he has applied himself listening, learning and practicing and is developing into a confident and skilled artist. 

He is a popular class member with a face made for modelling makeup - cheekbones to die for and brows with an awesome arch!!  We love Mar’Quel for his kindness to others, because he is not afraid of hard work and because he is emerging as a talented all-rounder.  Not only will he stay back and practice till he has his looks just right, but he also is helpful and there when anybody needs him. 

Congratulations Mar’Quel you are our student of the month!!