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Graduation Week

By 20 September 2020SRA BLOG

Graduation! The week we had all been waiting for. Seventeen weeks of hard work was all about to pay off! After spending several weeks with a group of people who were all on the same journey as you and knowing that’s it’s slowly coming to a bittersweet end was tough. It left u feeling a roller coaster of emotions and adrenaline for what the future holds. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.


For the last week of course, we did some catch up work and our final look- colour splash! Our main focus for colour splash was to get creative, use heaps of colours, and make sure there was texture in our looks. It was super fun getting to practice different looks each day. We even had some fun with our tutors creating tik tok dance videos. It was super hilarious getting to interact with the great team that taught us over the last few months.


And finally, our graduation ceremony. Our class was very emotional. Our tutors read out a little blurb summarising our journey at SRA. Our families all came and witnessed it too, watching us receive our certificates and getting to meet the people we had got to work and study alongside.


Our last little get together after graduation was filled with laughter, tears and great food, celebrating the journey we all started and finished together.


Thank you Samala Robinson Academy and to the great team of tutors and friendly staff. On behalf of class 19MS6F we greatly appreciate all the hard work you put in for us and thank you for all the times you have gone the extra mile to make sure we all succeed. We appreciate it so much.


Remember, get your makeup brushes, get set and get creative.


That is all from me, Lupe Feki, signing out xo