Jaime Richardson

Jaime Richardson, one of SRA's graduates now a highly successful professional makeup artist.
Jaime Richardson loves the way that a well-placed swish of blush or sweep of mascara leaves you feeling 100% more confident about yourself. It was this feeling she most wanted to share with others.
A career in makeup was always on the cards for Jaime, and with the end of her school career looming, she started to investigate what her training options were.
“I’d heard a lot of good things about SRA and been into a few stores to talk to some makeup artists, most of who had either studied there themselves, or suggested I look at their courses.”
It wasn’t long before she agreed with all the positive reviews she’d received and decided that SRA was definitely the place for her.
Jaime signed up for the full-time course and has already added a magazine cover to her ever-expanding portfolio while doing her SRA work experience.
“Making the cover of ‘ShoutOut’ magazine was definitely the highlight of my time at SRA,” says Jaime, “but I also loved doing the fashion shows and catwalk work too.”
Since graduating in July 2015, Jaime has kept up her freelance work whilst also working on the beauty counter for Dr Hauschka. In 2016 she rejoined SRA for a spell as a staff member as part of the marketing and admin team. For several months it was Jaime's face that greeted students each morning. As an ex-student herself she was able to help students navigate successfully through the SRA course.
“My future ambitions are to eventually be a beauty editor. I’d love to be able to talk about beauty products I’ve discovered and tested out on people. That would be my dream job.”
Next steps on her career path are to get online and showcase her portfolio while blogging about her work.

Her advice to future makeup artists:

“Be creative and go with your gut. If you really want to try something different, then give it a go even if it’s against the rules. That’s the way I managed to create my individual style. Just go with it and sometimes it will turn out so much more exciting than you thought it would.”