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Loreal Hettig

SRA Student Story: Loreal Hettig


Loreal Hettig, one of SRA's graduates now a highly successful professional makeup artist

Why did you choose Makeup as a career?

It honestly started off as just a hobby. The more I played with makeup, the bigger my passion for it grew. After a few years of playing around I remember having a few people ask if I did makeup bookings. I was so shocked because I couldn't believe someone would actually pay me to do their makeup! Something I love and enjoy so much could actually be a career? I'm keen!

Why did you choose SRA as an education provider?

When I was at school one day I saw in the daily notices that SRA were giving away scholarships for a full time course. I thought, "Well I've got nothing to lose". So I applied, and I received a call a few weeks later saying that I'd got it! Could not even describe the excitement I felt. I was coming to the end of my last year of school, and just like every other high schooler my age I WAS FREAKING OUT! Getting the scholarship wasn't just exciting, it was literally my door to opportunities. So I will forever thank SRA for giving me that door. 

Tell us about your experience at SRA.

ABSOLUTE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. I still couldn't believe I was going to a school where makeup is your homework and your stationery. I loved my class so much as well, you make the best friends. The tutors were seriously amazing. Taught me more than just makeup. But when you are passionate, open minded, hard working - good things will happen for you. I also have to mention the fact that ALL the staff there, not just the tutors, gave us all so much support in my whole time there. I left SRA feeling so ready and excited for the future.

What was the highlight while studying full time with us?

So hard to pin down to just one highlight as my whole experience was that everything [was a highlight] and more! Exactly what I needed to have in my life at that time. I really enjoyed going on all the work experiences, I learnt a lot from them. Something I loved especially though, was when the tutors would share personal experiences about being out in the industry. It taught me that you're going to have bumps along the way but that's normal. Those bumps are going to get you places when you take what you've learnt from them into action. 

What have you achieved so far? (Career after study)

About a month later I was lucky enough to land a job working with the makeup brand Smashbox. The best part about that was, one of the tutors actually recommended me. Without him I don't know if I would have a job right now! That was my door! Such a blessing. Then on days I'm not working I do a bit of freelancing. 

What is next for you? (Goal for the next 5yrs)

I have so many things I want to do! I would love to open my own little makeup studio ASAP - as the current studio is the kitchen!

I want to start doing some of my own creative projects and get involved with other artists.

Later in the future it would be an absolute dream of mine to become a makeup tutor, sometimes I enjoy teaching makeup more than putting it on! [SRA comment: currently some SRA staff members are ex-SRA-students, so you never know Loreal!]