Loreal Hettig

Started off as a hobby, Loreal didn’t realise that playing with makeup can take her to a career she really loves and enjoy. It started when she was at school one day and she saw in the daily notices that SRA was giving away scholarships for a full-time course. She thought, "Well I've got nothing to lose". So she applied, and a few weeks later, she got the scholarship.
“Getting the scholarship wasn't just exciting, it was literally my door to opportunities. So I will forever thank SRA for giving me that door. Studying at SRA was absolutely the best time of my life. I still couldn't believe I was going to a school where makeup is your homework and your stationery. The tutors were seriously amazing who taught me more than just makeup. But when you are passionate, open minded, hardworking, good things will happen for you. I also have to mention the fact that ALL the staff there, not just the tutors, gave us all so much support in my whole time there. I left SRA feeling so ready and excited for the future.”
Not only did SRA taught her makeup skills but life skills that would take her further. Because of this, after studying, Loreal got a job at Smashbox and does freelancing on the side. She would like to open her own makeup studio where she can do her creative projects and get involved with other artists. Long-term, Loreal wanted to become a makeup tutor as she enjoys teaching makeup more than putting it on.