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Paige Travis

SRA Student Story: Paige Travis

Paige Travis, one of SRA's graduates now a highly successful professional makeup artist

"Since a young age, I had always been interested in all things beauty. Once I had reached the end of secondary school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I went to university as I thought it would be a smart decision. Whilst there I was working at a salon part-time and found my passion for hairdressing, so I left university to complete an apprenticeship. I had always been in love with makeup and beauty, so one day I bit the bullet and decided I was going to do both. That's when I applied as a part-time student at SRA.

I chose SRA because I had heard so many amazing reviews of it, and the part-time schedule fitted my working hours perfectly. It also helped that I was able to use a student loan to pay for the course as there would have been no other way for me to pay for the course, and honestly, I had the time of my life at SRA. I have made incredible friends which I will have for a long time to come, I was really opened up to the industry of makeup and I was taught by some incredibly talented tutors who all had strengths from which I could learn.

I'll admit, it was hard. Juggling work, my hairdressing apprenticeship and makeup school, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Who doesn't love a challenge in life? It felt so much more rewarding once completing the course.

I absolutely loved the fashion block but the biggest highlight for me was definitely the location shoot. It was such a buzz and it felt amazing to feel like you were in a real, fast paced shoot.

I am currently the head makeup artist at the salon I work at, so I'm in charge of all the ordering and getting in new makeup brands. I have participated in the industry awards, Miss Auckland beauty pageant, freelance bridal work, photoshoots and so much more.

I'd like to get my hairdressing qualification behind me then I would like to go into editorial hair and makeup. I'd like to participate in competitions and high end photoshoots. But my main concern is that each day, I enjoy my job and to constantly feel challenged.