Samala Cosmetics

A professional makeup artist is only as good as their tools.

That is why we use Samala Cosmetics along with other leading professional and high-end consumer brands (eg M.A.C., Black Opal) in our fashion makeup course at SRA.

Created by Samala Robinson, one of New Zealand’s leading makeup artists and founder of SRA, Samala Cosmetics is loved by professionals around New Zealand and the world and works beautifully in a complementary fashion with other leading brands.

Fresh and modern, the Samala Cosmetics range contains many of the products a professional makeup artist needs to explore, discover and create – from prep work to colour for face, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Established in 2008, Samala Cosmetics has won worldwide acclaim and has been used and endorsed by top international makeup artists.

“Makeup is an important form of expression – it’s a creative outlet and an art form.”

“I love supporting new artists and helping to develop their talent. I have a passion for creativity and SRA is all about creativity.”          Samala Robinson, Founder & CEO.

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Samala Cosmetics, SRA's sister company, is a proud sponsor of Miss Universe New Zealand. Our trainee artists from Samala Robinson Academy get to work alongside the beautiful contestants! See the video of Miss Universe New Zealand 2016 Tania Pauline Dawson recreating this stunning look on runner up Seresa Lapaz using Samala Cosmetics - the ombre lip was Tania's go to look during her Miss Universe journey earlier this year!


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