Sarah Price

Choosing makeup wasn’t an instant thing for Sarah. For years, she was undecided and only does it as a hobby. However, the more she did makeup and SFX the more she came to love it. She would spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get that flick or that lip line perfect. Then some of her friends started saying that she has talent and needed to get professionally taught, so she started looking.
At first, she struggled looking for a makeup provider that would perfectly suit her. She couldn’t find one that would let her continue to work full time and at the same time study. Until she found SRA where all her needs and wants were met. A part-time course that allowed her to work during the day and study at night.
“I loved every minute at SRA, from the first class right through to the last day of course, the wonderful tutors and the amazing students. No question was stupid or had been asked too many times. It was wonderful. The best part was everything, I can’t separate the amazing from the wonderful.”
After graduating, Sarah come off the set of an international film as Head of Makeup. It was an amazing experience as a newly emerged MUA, and they have expressed interest in having her back on future projects. She also done the makeup for a Local Board elective for profile shots and started her own independent MUA business called 'Fake it or Makeup'.