School Holidays Programme

students at our school holidays Gateway programme in fashion, beauty and theatrical makeup for school seniors

Duration: The first & second weeks of the 2018 April, July & October school holidays
Days: Monday - Friday
Time: 9am - 3.30pm

Cost: $55 incl GST per student per day - $275 per student per week/course


Our School Holidays Programme was a resounding success when we introduced it in 2016, with a number of aspiring senior students from many Auckland schools getting their first taste of the world of Beauty and Fashion Makeup. Not only did they have a fantastic experience and learn some valuable skills but the week concluded with a photo shoot of their work that offered to be an exciting addition to their CV, and for some even planted the seed for an incredible career path as a professional makeup artist.

 In 2017 we added a new course covering makeup in the Performing Arts. So not only did we cover makeup in the Beauty and Fashion arenas but also makeup design and application for stage production. For those interested in makeup for Film, Theatre, TV and Special Effects, or those wanting to contribute to their school's drama performances, we felt this could be an exciting and valuable introduction. All the 2017 classes were heavily subscribed.

NEW for 2018! Part I (April holidays) is now worth 10 credits! It contains new and uprated material that will provide not only an introductory grounding in makeup practice, skin care and the tools & materials used by a makeup artists, but will also teach how a makeup artists consults with a client and designs a 'look' to suit that client.

Now students taking all three parts (April, July & October) will gain a massive 26 credits!


Who is this for?

  • Senior High School Students, typically Year 12 or 13 (though occasionally we accept Year 11)


Our unique offer

  • Intimate hands-on assistance and feedback from industry professional NZQA-accredited makeup tutors
  • NZQA-accredited courses
  • Expert corrective techniques
  • Demonstration and practice time every lesson to maximise learning
  • Access to high quality products and materials from Samala Cosmetics - course materials and tools provided
  • Professional makeup rooms to practice in with industry-grade workstations
  • We keep classes small so you get maximum individual attention
  • Certificate of Achievement and up to 20 Credits on the National Framework for students successfully completing the courses


Course Content

Parts 1,2 and 3 should be considered a whole entity (ie an integrated programme), as completing all three weeks will give students a more complete and balanced learning experience, and will introduce them to all the main branches of the makeup industry. Although Parts 2 and 3 (the Performance and Fashion speciality courses) can be considered separately depending on a student's area of interest, in all cases we would very highly recommend taking Part 1 as it provides a prerequiste foundational introduction giving the basic skills which can be built upon in Parts 2/3, and without which students may struggle in those more advanced weeks. 

  • Part 1  (2018 classes: Class 'A' 16th - 20th April 2018; class 'B' 23rd & 24th and 26th - 28th April 2018)   HOW TO PERFORM MAKEUP SERVICES

This Unit Standard delivers 10 Credits. Students completing this course will not only be able to demonstrate knowledge of tools, equipment and safe operating procedures used in makeup and skin care services but will also understand how a makeup artist conducts a client consultation to determine makeup selection; and students will be able to perform a variety of makeup services. Subjects covered include: Makeup brushes and tools; Sterilisation & hygiene; Good working practice; Skin Conditioning and skin type analysis; Corrective face shapes; Foundation matching; Natural makeup; Introduction to Hairstyling; Face Charts - Sultry & Elegant; Sultry Makeup; Elegant Makeup; Ball and Moodboard introduction; Work-Experience-style photoshoot... And lots more!

  • Part 2   (2018 classes: Class 'A' 9th - 13th July 2018; class 'B' 16th  - 20th July 2018)  MAKEUP IN TV/FILM/THEATRE

This Unit Standard delivers 6 Credits. Students completing this course will be able to research, develop, visually communicate and apply a makeup design concept for a given work (given work will have a minimum of 4 performers each requiring a different makeup design). Subjects covered include: character/role creation/enhancement; special effects; historical/cultural accuracy; colour correction; collaboration with director/choreographer/costume designer/lighting; detail products - for eyes, lips, hair, face; safe practice; product and application techniques - foundation, highlighting, shading, colour mixing, aging, feature alteration, etc.

Part 3   (2018 classes: Class 'A' 1st - 5th October 2018; class 'B' 8th  - 12th October 2018) ADVANCED & FASHION MAKEUP

This Unit Standard delivers 10 Credits. Students completing this course will be able to perform skincare services for the face in preparation for makeup application. Subjects covered include: Skin types, conditions and analysis; skin care products; CTM introduction; Facecharts; 'Streetwear' makeup; 'Formalwear' makeup; 'Casual wear' makeup; body charts; Vogue makeup; hairstyling... And of course, lots more!


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