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Sirat Sodhi

SRA Student Story: Sirat Sodhi

Sirat Sodhi, one of SRA's graduates now a highly successful professional makeup artist

"My interest in makeup was always apparent to me growing up. However, I never thought to pursue it as a career. For many years I explored options in science and health as I was quite good in these fields but never felt excited about where this would take me in the future.

I longed for a career that would never become too predictable and would allow me to express my creativity, so makeup artistry was an obvious career choice for me.

SRA was the most realistic approach as I wanted an NZQA-recognised qualification. The academy had also been recommneded to me by many friends who were previous students. Seeing how well they were doing with their qualifications made me more confident in my decision.

I have had the most amazing time at SRA. I felt so loved and respected by the training team at the academy and still keep in touch with them all. In the relatively short time that I have spent there I have learnt so much and gained such a vast set of skillls.

Being a mother, it was very important that SRA allowed me to work around my family. Now I'm not sure whether to be extremely proud or completely shattered at the sight of destroyed lipsticks when I catch my two girls playing 'makeup' in the corner. The look on their faces is priceless. 

Graduating with a certificate of Excellence was defintely the biggets highlight (among many) as it confirmed that all my dedication and hard work had paid off.

SRA has opened up many doors so far and new opportunities continue to arise.

Currently I am freelancing as a makeup artist doing weddings, photo shoots, special occasions and even theatre.

With the makeup industry expanding so rapidly I can see a very bright future for myself and because of SRA I am now instilled with the skills and knowledge I need to turn my passion into a career."