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By 20 July 2020SRA BLOG

Sultry, sultry sultry. This was a tough week for us. Let me tell you, perfecting a black smokey eye with no transition tones to blend with is not the easiest look to do. However, once you have it down, you can literally blend all sorts of colours. This week was definitely a week where no day was the same. Each day I would face a new obstacle, but also overcome that obstacle. For example on Monday of sultry week, it was hard for me to achieve symmetry, the next I had achieved this. The following day a new challenge would arise such as not blending enough.


However, it was a good lesson in itself and I learnt a lot of new techniques this week. Just as I thought I would never have to do another solid black smokey eye, I was wrong. I got to participate in a work experience for the Cecilia Kang Couture fashion show during my time at SRA. This was my first work experience too, and the look that was required was an intense black smokey eye. However I went into the work experience well prepared and knew what techniques I needed to use in order to execute a perfect a black smokey eye. Fair to say, it’s a tough look, but with the right practice and training from SRA you can achieve anything you set your mind too.