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What it’s like to work in the beauty industry

By 26 February 2020SRA BLOG, Uncategorized

Welcome back!

Hey it’s me Loops, back again with another blog. This month we will be looking into what it’s like in the beauty industry, what to expect and the great experiences you can get.

How SRA sets you up for the industry 

So before starting at SRA I had very limited knowledge on what it would be like to work in the beauty industry. SRA sets aside a week for C.V writing, mock interviews and real life work experience in order to prepare you. All of this is so helpful, especially once you have graduated it really helps you when finding a job.

My experience in the industry 

So far, I have absolutely loved my experience at SRA and the work experiences that I have been part of. My favourite highlight would have to be the Whitecliffe Fashion Show that we got to be a part of. It was an intense yet amazing show. We got to collaborate with Cut Above academy to do makeup and hair. Behind the scenes at fashion shows, it is very fast paced. We were given over 3 dozen models to do makeup for, and it was hectic! However, the models were super friendly and made it easier for us MUAS and HMUAS to do what we needed to do. Working alongside the other SRA students and previous students too was a thrill. We all worked well together, cleaning each other’s brushes when one artist was available, we all laughed together, and the vibes were good. I am thankful for SRA and the time they put in to prepare us for this experience because it was super handy and helpful.

You should try it! 

If you are at SRA or thinking about studying at SRA, I would highly recommend that you take every opportunity that you are given to participate in work experiences, they are super insightful and really helps you grow as an artist. You get to network too, meet people from all sorts of demographics and backgrounds. SRA really help you become industry ready by giving you realistic tips that help you as an artist. SRA always has good work experience opportunities whether it is with only 6 models or 40 models the experience itself is something invigorating.